Considering WORLD TRAVEL for a Year? | 10 Reasons to Take a GAP YEAR

Retirement Travelers advocate for gap year at any age

Are you considering world travel for a year? Should I take a gap year?

We get many questions about travel full time around the world, so we have decided to add a “How To” series to our channel to answer those questions and many more. Today, we share 10 reasons to take a gap year and when to take a gap year regardless of your age. Whether you are in college, mid-career, early retirement or nearing retirement, a gap year at any age to travel the world may be the best thing ever. Some people call them an adult gap year, a retirement gap year, a sabbatical, a bridge year, a silver gap year or even a growth year. We just call it the best decision of our lives and hope that we can influence you to go out a live a life with no regrets.

We sold all our stuff and have experienced so much during our retirement gap year to travel the world and learn about cultures around the world. We regret not doing something like this in our younger years or while we were working. The right way to quit your job is to talk with your boss and them why taking a gap year to travel the world will make you a better employee upon return.

We should have probably called ours a gap “decade”, because we are having so much fun with our early retirement world travel that we just can’t stop at this point!!!

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