Bev and John of Retirement Travelers in Crete, Greece

Our European travel continues with our Crete, Greece travel vlog. We show you the most unique and authentic Cretan food at the best restaurant in Crete, along with some beautiful countryside on our drive to Elafonisi Beach. We stayed near Chania, Crete and it was a great location to explore the western half of this amazing Greek island and show some top things to do in Crete.

We hope you enjoy the start of our 9-month European adventure and also go back and check out our adventures in Central America and seeing all 50 states during our Airstream journey across America. Please join us for our journey and world travel vlog. We wanted to retire early and see the world and film our adventures in 4k video. Perhaps our world travel will give some ideas on what to do after retirement and where to travel in 2022.

As older travel vloggers, we have different perspectives as we show you where to visit in 2022 and give you our experiences as we travel the world and show you where to travel now. We hope you will subscribe to our funny travel vlog and join us on our adventure, give us some likes and send us comments and suggestions. It means so much. Thank you and hope everyone has a wonderful travel 2022.

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