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Digging for Diamonds in Arkansas

The Retirement Travelers continue their retirement travel journey as they go digging for diamonds at an Arkansas Diamond Mine at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. It is the only place in the world where anyone and everyone can dig for diamonds. In 2020, it only cost $10 per person.

Amazingly, people still find big ones, with a 9 carat diamond found in 2020 on Labor Day weekend. Over the course of the park’s beginnings in 1972, over 33,600 diamonds have been found. That’s a treasure hunter’s dream!

After Diamond Mining…

John and Bev walk down Bath House Row at Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs Arkansas. John samples the healing waters of the hot springs and Bev tells a little history of the world famous Bath House Row.

They visit the nearby Garvan Woodland Gardens with the stunningly beautiful Anthony Chapel. This six story glass chapel is a treat to see, and if you’re lucky enough to get married here, you’ll have the most beautiful setting.

The Retirement Travelers love their Harbour Ridge home, but also enjoy the experiences of being on the road. They highly recommend digging for your own diamonds in Arkansas!

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