Early Retirement and Financial Independence

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How do you retire early? We were able to achieve early retirement and financial independence for our freedom years. Our dream to retire early, to retire at age 55 and become travel vlogger around the world began many years ago. We raised five children during a long career in manufacturing, but we never lost the dream of early retirement. We want to see every country and enjoy our freedom years. Now is the time to live our best lives and share that dream with others.

Dave Ramsey influenced us to achieve debt free living, a minimalist lifestyle, financial independence and got us moving toward early retirement. In today’s video we list our 5 lifelong tips that helped in retiring young. We hope you find them helpful and will inspire you to follow your dreams of early retirement, retiring young and a retirement life of adventure and memories. Consider subscribing and follow along with the Retirement Travelers on our travel adventures. Our goal is inspire you to live your best life as well.

We wish you early retirement and financial independence to you and hope to inspire you to continue your journey.

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