How to TRAVEL THE WORLD for CHEAP | 10 Money Saving Tips

John & Bev Retirement Travelers share tips for world travel budget

We get many questions about how we afford to travel full time around the world, so we have decided to add a “How To” series to our channel to answer those questions and many more.

Today, we share 10 money saving tips for how to travel the world for cheap and how to save on travel expenses. We sold all our stuff and explore how to downsize your home and why, how to lower your taxes and travel more, along with a mindset change to that will lower your healthcare costs. Once on the road, we look at cheap places to travel and how we balance the low and high cost countries to maintain a travel budget. We have learned to embrace public transportation for both much lower cost and better understanding the culture of a location. We also try to eat only one meal a day and minimize the number of times we eat in restaurants each week. We usually stay in Airbnb vs hotel, mainly because it enables us to grocery shop and cook meals at home, which saves significant amount of money. We put all of our expenses on a travel credit card, which certainly helps us afford world travel. We try to find low and no cost activities to find everywhere we go. Our motto is “cheap is good, but free is better” We use the Chase Sapphire Reserve and found that to be a great travel credit card. We also discuss some of the best side hustles and talk about our YouTube channel and how that will eventually help offset some travel costs.

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