UNIQUE Things To Do in Athens, Greece | Donkey Trekking

Bev of Retirement Travelers with Donkey


In our latest retirement travel vlog, Bev relives some childhood memories as we visit an animal rescue center for donkeys. We went donkey trekking with these amazing animals near Athens, Greece. The Hellenic Donkey Center is an animal rescue shelter for these amazingly smart animals.

After learning the basics of animal care for donkeys, we took them on a 5k hike and returned to a wonderful and authentic Greek dinner at the sanctuary. We found this experience through Airbnb and we would highly recommend if you are in the Athens, Greece area. Put it on your Athens Things to Do list for sure.

Please consider a donation or adopting one of these donkeys. We have found that animal rescue activities are a wonderful retirement travel cause to get involved with as we travel the world.


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